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The non-profit organization Vrouwen aan het Werk (VAHW, Women at work) develops innovative social projects that promote economic independence and self-reliance.
The event agency VAHW organizes social responsibility events for companies.
VAHW offers education, practical experience and personal coaching to people who need help in the job market: talented job seekers, women, youth and immigrants.


Every person has talent and can offer a unique contribution. Society can be improved by sharing knowledge and uniting forces. VAHW believes that everyone is part of society and should be able to participate in society.
VAHW makes use of a wide business network. VAHW works in Amsterdam together with DWI, business and education partners to develop talent and self-reliance. In the vision of VAHW is the triad of an intensive language course, a short professional training and the development of personal and social skills the ideal way to bridge the gap to employment.

The beginnings

In late 2010, a group of women approached IBM seeking to take a course in ICT skills. The group consisted mostly of migrants who had previously failed at finding a job for various reasons.
It soon became clear that the course went beyond computer classes. Trainer Rosanna Nazir also found it very important for the women to develop their social skills, especially those that would be useful in their search for work.
Together with Benno Gerritse and Alexandra Ksenofontova, Rosanna Nazir developed a special program, for the circumstance renamed Women At Work (VAHW). The aim of the program was to organize an event at the end, so that the women could present themselves and a chosen topic.
Under the guidance of trainers and other volunteers, the participants put all learned skills into practice by organizing the final event. The participants gained a lot of confidence through their efforts, and this resulted in a spectacular final presentation. The ladies got their certificates issued by mrs. Andrée van Es, member of the Amsterdam city council.


After the final event, the participants felt so empowered that they wanted to offer this opportunity and experience to others. A foundation was established to make this possible. On July 20, 2011 Rosanna Nazir, Anita Guijt and Samah Moures signed the official act of incorporation of the Foundation Vrouwen aan het Werk, as president, secretary and treasurer respectively.
The first project is VAHW World Smart College (WSC). This concept offers talented job seekers the opportunity to increase their chances on the labor market, through an innovative training program.
The first WSC course was held from November 11, 2011 until June 15, 2012. The participants were offered courses in basic ICT training, project management and event management. The training ended with a successful event and 33 participants were awarded a certificate diploma.
During the first WSC a website was set up by the participants themselves, to express their experiences in words and images.

Board of Directors
Current members of the board of Vrouwen Aan Het Werk:

Rosanna Warmer Nazir: President
Barbara van den Berg: Secretary
Shyreen Mamman: Treasurer
Nico Warmer: Finance and Legal Affairs
Kees Dark: Governance
Liestra Zion: HR
Iman Safrioune-Azab: PM and ICT


To this day, the foundation VAHW functions exclusively with volunteers. These volunteers are enthusiastic professionals who recognize themselves in the mission of the foundation. Anyone who feels the importance of VAHW's vision is welcome to volunteer and contribute to our goal in their own way.
If you want to support us with your time, experience and knowledge, please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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